Never Fear.

Never fear.

I am here.

Still cooking.

Still eating.

Still studying.

Blog Pictures 001 Blog Pictures 002  Blog Pictures 004

Blog Pictures 003  Blog Pictures 006  Blog Pictures 008

Lunch one day this week.Blog Pictures 010

Dinner after a tough gym class.

Blog Pictures 011 Blog Pictures 012 Blog Pictures 013 Blog Pictures 014 Blog Pictures 015   Blog Pictures 018

Breakfast on Wednesday?

 Blog Pictures 019

My school had their grand opening on Wednesday, to open the new campus and the Center for African Psychology. The President called me that morning to ask if I’d make a speech on behalf of the students! OF COURSE :)

Green tea, mini doughnut, and speech prep!

Blog Pictures 020

African drummers! Blog Pictures 021 Blog Pictures 022

Blog Pictures 002

It was awesome :) I felt so proud!

On Thursday morning, I headed up to Columbia Heights with two things on my mind: Black ink and free coffee!

Blog Pictures 001

I picked up the ink and headed across the street to get my free tall coffee! I got two school articles out of the way too!

Blog Pictures 004

Mission accomplished!

Today’s Friday!

I’m excited for the weekend!

I have some dates with my boyfriend this weekend! I’m happy he’s home!

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