Iron Horse.

z took off work on Friday and he was interested in my new toy espresso machine! 


Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 002

z went to his house and I stayed here. We both had to study (and I had a stupid paper to do).

I rode the metro up to Rockville for Mojo’s birthday happy hour then back down to DC for T’s birthday party at Iron Horse.

Blog Pictures 003

Blog Pictures 005

Soco and lime?

Blog Pictures 011

Hey guys!

Blog Pictures 013

Saturday morning was early because z had class, but I offered to drive which won my breakfast :)

Blog Pictures 015

Lunch salad. Greens, beets and hummus.

Blog Pictures 016

Dinner at Whole Foods with some school reading on the side.

Blog Pictures 025

Lots of kale.

Blog Pictures 026

Blog Pictures 027

Then I went to babysit! Two cute kids and a PUP :)

Blog Pictures 002

Blog Pictures 003

It was fun and easy…and was my first paying job since September 3rd. Yikes.

I have so much to update…bear with me :)


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