The Unintentional, Almost Bi Bim Bap Salad!

Last night I told z I wanted to get up with him this morning. I like doing that so we can have coffee and I start my day earlier (lots of reading to do).

He made a smaller pot of coffee today which only gave me about a cup. This was ok with me because I had other plans for caffeination ;)

Breakfast: Black coffee with a banana, maple PB and cinnamon sandwich!

Blog Pictures 021

Blog Pictures 022

Blog Pictures 023

About an hour after breakfast it was Latte time! Two shots today!   

Blog Pictures 024

Blog Pictures 025

Both shots into the mug!

Blog Pictures 027

Froth the unsweetened almond milk.

Blog Pictures 028

Blog Pictures 029

Pour warm milk into espresso.

Blog Pictures 030

Top with frothy goodness!

Blog Pictures 031

Get your new enemy friend out of the fridge!      

Blog Pictures 026

Go to town.

Blog Pictures 032

Blog Pictures 033

Top with cinnamon for good measure!

Blog Pictures 034

Blog Pictures 035

Oh the decadence…

Blog Pictures 036

I saw a recipe on the Whole Foods website for Apple Sandwiches and thought it would be a fun snack to try out!     

I core my apple and cut it into three layers. I used Mighty Maple PB (because I have an addiction), mini chocolate chips and chopped peanuts!

Blog Pictures 043Blog Pictures 037Blog Pictures 038

It was so fun and delicious to eat!

Blog Pictures 041

Around 1:30, I decided to make a substantial lunch so I didn’t have to pack a lot of food for class tonight.

I started by sautéing chopped onions and celery in olive oil.

Blog Pictures 045

I added a lot of spice to the veggies!

Blog Pictures 044

Once they were cooked, I put them on top of mixed greens.

Blog Pictures 047

I made up a random dressing recipe with sesame oil, chili garlic sauce and rice vinegar!

Blog Pictures 046

In the same pan I sautéed the veggies, I fried up an egg (no added oil) to put on top of my salad. After the egg, went the dressing!

Blog Pictures 049       

Blog Pictures 048

It was really good! Sometimes I surprise myself ;) When I was eating it, it kind of reminded me of the Korean dish Bi Bim Bap…except for the fact that there was no Bulgogi (meat mixture) and no rice! But the egg on the top and the dressing were similar! I shall call it: The Unintentional Almost Bi Bim Bap Salad!


I did a TON of reading today. I feel really prepared for class :) I love that!


Time to get ready for 6 hours of class! LATER! 


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