More Eggplant Please!

On Tuesday night, I convinced z to eat some eggplant parmesan!!

Blog Pictures 001

Because he’s training for a marathon, I agreed to make him some meatballs for protein ;)

Blog Pictures 002

I <3 eggplant!

Blog Pictures 003  

Dinner Beer: Late Harvest Autumn Ale by Red Hook

Blog Pictures 006

Good dinner!!


On Wednesday morning I slept in until 8am! It felt soo good! z left a pot of coffee on for me and I made a big hearty breakfast!

Banana with Mighty Maple PB, plain Chobani with oats, flax, chia, peanuts, raspberries and a drizzle of my new sugar free caramel!

Blog Pictures 009

Blog Pictures 011

So much studying today! Ah…

Lunch part one: cucumbers and hummus!

Blog Pictures 012

Lunch part two: eggplant parmesan sandwich made by z! He even put my initial on there! Isn’t he sweet!? :)

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 014

Blog Pictures 015

Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about this! It was so good!

Blog Pictures 016

Around 2:30 I went to Chinatown to meet up with my classmate so we could study and go over some readings. She is so cool and the session was really helpful!

I got home close to 4 and went right back to studying. z got home around 6:30 and I chatted with him before going to Zumba at 7pm. When I got to the gym, I was sad to find out that there would be no Zumba – again! We did cardio kickboxing instead – again! Don’t get me wrong, kickboxing is a great workout, but I just wanted to shake it tonight! Oh well! Maybe next week…

Dinner was super random.

Cantaloupe, banana, OJ, and lemon sorbetto (instead of ice) smoothie!

Blog Pictures 017

It was actually really amazing!

Blog Pictures 018

I started to eat some celery and hummus, but realized I didn’t want the celery.

Blog Pictures 019

I finished my dinner up with some cooked veggies and hummus.

Blog Pictures 020         

More studying then bed! I have class tomorrow!

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