Let’s Make a Trade…

Now that I have traded my full-time job for six grad school classes, I have a new uniform:

Blog Pictures 025

“Jorts” and Toms. All day, every day. Because it’s comfy and because I can :)


I have traded in my office cubicle for a cheap desk and a dining room table:

Blog Pictures 009

Blog Pictures 001


I have traded in office crap coffee for an espresso machine:

Blog Pictures 002

This was z’s birthday/back to school gift to me!


I have traded tired for awake:

Blog Pictures 005

Blog Pictures 007Blog Pictures 003

Blog Pictures 004Blog Pictures 006


I have traded my fun magazines for intense school books:

Blog Pictures 027

Blog Pictures 028

Blog Pictures 029  


I’m starting a fun new adventure and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


One thought on “Let’s Make a Trade…

  1. Hi! I’m trying to put together a group of DCers to meet-up for a happy hour meet and greet. Are you on twitter? You can follow me at LaurBiochemista and search #dchealthblogger for updates. I’ll also be posting on my blog about events. Hope to meet you!


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