Labor (Day) of Love.

z and I woke up at 7am on Saturday, September 4th. We packed the night before so that we could just get up and go! We took the Metro and made it to the airport with plenty of time. Plenty of time to…check out the US Airways Club lounge :)

Complimentary juice? Yes please :)

Blog Pictures 007

Complimentary cool view? Yes please :)

Blog Pictures 009

After hanging out for a bit (and grabbing an apple), we headed to our gate and picked up breakfast. Soy cafe au lait and almond scone for me! Coffee and apple muffin for z!

Blog Pictures 010

The flight down to Jacksonville was so easy. Definitely under 2 hours! Since we didn’t check any bags, we headed straight to the rental car desk. We got this bad boy! Ha!

Blog Pictures 042

We opened up the house, changed in to our suits and headed straight for the beach!!   

Blog Pictures 011

After a couple glorious hours soaking up the sun, listening to a live reggae band and eating a lemon/lime sno-cone, we headed back to the house! z’s parents were so nice to let us stay at their house for the weekend. I love their place!

You can’t beat a view of a pond with lots of wildlife (hawks, herons, cormorants, turtles, etc)

Blog Pictures 015

We snacked on some chips and salsa while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature!

Blog Pictures 019

Time to head in to town!

Blog Pictures 020

Gorgeous sunset!

Blog Pictures 021

We decided on Bonito for dinner.

Blog Pictures 024

I started with a seaweed salad.

Blog Pictures 022

z started with a house salad that came with a miso vinaigrette.

Blog Pictures 023

We each got a different white wine with dinner. I chose the Layer Cake Chardonnay.          

Blog Pictures 025

z ordered the tuna and shrimp entree which looked so awesome!

Blog Pictures 026

I ordered the scallop risotto! The scallops were lightly seared with tons of black pepper and were so amazing! I ate all the scallops and left most of the risotto.

Blog Pictures 027

Blog Pictures 028

Instead of dessert, we headed to the Green Turtle Tavern for a beer and some live music on the porch.

Blog Pictures 030

The band wasn’t awesome, but it’s all about the atmosphere here in Fernandina Beach :)

Blog Pictures 029

Unfortunately, both z and I woke up separately during the middle of the night feeling nauseated. I even went as far as to sit on the bathroom floor with my head over the toilet. Thankfully, neither of us got sick, but it was quite strange and could not have been a coincidence. We think it was the seaweed salad, because it’s the one thing we both tried that was not cooked. Too bad…

Though we both felt a tad uneasy, we stuck to our plan and hopped on the bikes for a nice ride in to town for breakfast!    

Blog Pictures 031

We noticed this little bakery the night before and knew we wanted to check it out. It’s called Patty Cakes and is super cute :)

Blog Pictures 032

I love the handwritten menu board! 

Blog Pictures 034

Coffee please! z got a cranberry orange muffin and an OJ and I chose a banana nut muffin. Very tasty :) I love little bakeries!   

Blog Pictures 033

We walked around town a bit before hopping back on the bikes.

Blog Pictures 035


Blog Pictures 036

Blog Pictures 037

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Blog Pictures 040

We stopped at the grocery store for some lunch items. When we got home, it was a little overcast so we didn’t go to the beach. Before we knew it…it was lunch time.

I had a spinach and veggie salad topped with tabouleh and some Newman’s dressing. Oh…and a lot of those amazing Terra chips!!

Blog Pictures 043

z had a sandwich with potato salad and tons of black pepper!

Blog Pictures 044

We drove around, ran some errands, and took a nap…and then it was dinner time at The Surf! The Surf is a favorite of z’s family because you can walk to it, the people are really nice, it’s super laid back, the food is good ($5.99 Lobster Sundays) and there is plenty of good beer :)

Speaking of beer…

Blog Pictures 045

Blog Pictures 046

I ordered the veggie sub with mashed cauliflower! YUMMY :)

Blog Pictures 047

z got the blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich with onion rings.     

Blog Pictures 048

After dinner z said something about ice cream and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Not that we needed ice cream, but we still drove around to find something that was open on a Sunday night!

Coldstone it is! I got a kids scoop of caramel apple on a cone…and z got a super thick and creamy chocolate milkshake. Oh so good, but way too much…I think we both went to bed with belly aches!

Blog Pictures 049

Monday morning! Happy Labor Day :)

z went for a run and I picked up some milk and a blueberry muffin. z had also picked up milk and a danish on his way home… oops :)

Blog Pictures 051

Plain Chobani with crumbled muffin and plum.

Blog Pictures 052

The weather was much better so we spent that entire day at the beach, only breaking for a quick lunch of leftovers!

For Labor Day dinner, we headed to Sliders which is right on the beach!

Blog Pictures 053

Blog Pictures 054

Longboard for her, rum punch for him!

Blog Pictures 056

Blog Pictures 058

Huge seafood platter for z!

Blog Pictures 060

Blog Pictures 061

I got the blackened Grouper sandwich and LOVED it :) I think I definitely eat seafood now!

Blog Pictures 062

We had a great night eating delicious food and enjoying our beachside table!

Tuesday was our last day so we had some cleaning up to do. We did a lot in the morning so we could enjoy the beach for a few hours!

Around 1:30, we headed back to The Surf for lunch.

Blog Pictures 063

Blog Pictures 064

I got a shrimp caesar salad wrap with coleslaw.

Blog Pictures 066

Blog Pictures 068

z got a rare tuna sandwich :)

Blog Pictures 067

I got a minor tummy ache, but I think it’s because my body is not used to the kind of protein I’ve been eating. We headed back to the beach and I pretty much dazed out until 3 when it was time to go pack up. We finished the cleaning and were on the road by 4:15! It was sad to leave because we always have such a good time! Thanks again to z’s parents for letting us stay at their amazing casa de la playa!!

When we checked in for our flight, we realized we’d been bumped up to First Class! OW OW :) Thanks z ;)

Free snacks and beverages? Yes please :)

Blog Pictures 072

I’m a sucker for Bloody Mary’s! I didn’t even use half of the vodka…I was more concerned about the Bloody Mary mix!

Blog Pictures 073

We made it back to the city before 9 and got some things down around the house before we called it a night.


What a great mini vacation! I love the beach!!


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