The Last Days.

On Thursday, my wonderful co-workers took me out to lunch at Jaleo! We ordered a bunch of tapas and everyone shared. I only took this one picture of the bread, but it’s the one thing I ate a ton of :)

Blog Pictures 001

Thursday evening I stopped at the Juice Joint Cafe for a pre-class juice! I ordered the Apple Snap which had carrot, apple and a lot of ginger!

Blog Pictures 002

Friday morning was my last day of work. After almost 4 years, I decided to devote all my time to school.

Last day breakfast: Plain Greek yogurt, raw oatmeal, chia seeds and raspberry preserves!

Blog Pictures 003

Mid-morning banana: it wasn’t ripe enough! I took two bites and tossed it :(

Blog Pictures 004

A couple girls and I headed over to Whole Foods for my last lunch :)

Blog Pictures 005

Yes, I brought my lunch on my last day! Bulgur, black beans, corn and Rotel.

Blog Pictures 006

After work I headed to my parents to pick up some school books and then headed home!


I can’t believe I’m done. The new chapter starts now…


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