Experimenting and Hunting.

What have I been up to?

  • School
  • Finishing my last week of work and celebrating with fabulous co-workers!!
  • Experimenting in the kitchen
  • Mouse hunting
  • Trying not to go crazy thinking about the above
  • Hanging out with z man

You know, the usual.


On Tuesday, after the gym, z and I cooked dinner. He browned some sausage and I browned some tofu with a little cumin.

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 003  

As a treat, I made myself a raspberry mint lemonade! Yum :)

Blog Pictures 005

We served our protein with all the leftover veggies from Saturday. z roasted them with olive oil and pepper!

Blog Pictures 007

Blog Pictures 008

DC – We have a problem! A gross mouse problem. Now…this is not my first mouse. I asked the first mouse very nicely not to bring his family here…but they came anyway. At first it was just one mouse. A very bold, not afraid of humans, mouse! He just frolicked around practically laughing in our faces and eating our crumbs! We I woke up Wednesday morning and z had changed the score on the refrigerator. Apparently…he caught the mouse in a trap. I was sad it had to die, but happy that it wasn’t in my apartment anymore.

Blog Pictures 009

I was able to have a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast without worrying about rodents.

Blog Pictures 010Blog Pictures 011

Blog Pictures 012

I headed down to Chinatown to see about a new gym membership and actually found a pretty good deal at a place that has classes too :)

I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts to redeem my birthday coffee!  

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 014

I always get DD coffee black (they don’t have soy), but this time, I headed home and added almond milk :) Delicious!

Blog Pictures 015

Lunch came around and I ate some leftover tofu and veggies topped with fresh parmesan.

Blog Pictures 017

Blog Pictures 018

I love these tiny Crate and Barrel plates from the G’s!

Blog Pictures 019

At 7, I headed downtown to my new gym for ZUMBA!  Boy, oh, boy did I sweat!! It was a 55 minute class and I loved every bit of it!! A good, sweaty workout was so necessary!

I came home with one recipe on my mind: Mexican Egg Rolls

Blog Pictures 020   

Blog Pictures 021

Blog Pictures 022

Look at all that goodness! 

Blog Pictures 023

I decided a candlelit dinner would be fun, so I lit some candles in my new Crate and Barrel votives from…the G’s! The plates were last year’s birthday present and the purple votive holders were this year’s! I love the G’s… and Crate and Barrel!!

Blog Pictures 024

After I finished eating, I was chatting with z when i saw something move underneath the desk. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!?! Another effing mouse?? No way…


YES WAY. z and jumped up and immediately formed a “mouse capture” brigade to try and get him. z grabbed a broom, I grabbed the mop and we took turns moving furniture. At one point z had him cornered so I got my empty DD cup and lid…No success. He scrambled out and then…my instinct kicked in. I immediately hit him with the mop and he went still. At this point I dropped the mop and went crying screaming into my room. I couldn’t believe I hit a living creature…once I stopped hyperventilating long enough to hear z talk, he said “he’s alive, you only stunned it!” Really!? Really!? Phew… z put him in the cup and let him go outside. z told me he went across the street to Subway and is probably enjoying a Subway Club right now. Ugh…

This is what we were left with…

Blog Pictures 025            

It looks a lot better than it was…this is only some of the disarray! Please NO MORE MICE!


It’s Thursday now and I’m getting ready to meet my coworkers for a “SEE YA” lunch :) I’m going to miss them, but I’m very excited about this new path!


Currently in the oven…a little baked granola for my bosses :)


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