Orientation and Good Friends!

I set my alarm for a little after 8am on Saturday morning so I had enough time to shower and get ready for my grad school orientation that started at 10am. My new school is about 12 blocks from my apartment and it was a gorgeous day, so I definitely wanted to walk!

I stopped by Starbucks for an iced coffee and made it to school with a few minutes to spare. It was a long orientation but they fed us lunch!

Half a veggie wrap, unripe peach (saved for later), a lemon square, and a diet coke!


I left the orientation around 3 and walked home to get ready for dinner at z’s house with the J’s!


z bought like 20 pounds of vegetables – no joke! I chopped them all but we only grilled half. We sat outside drinking beer, eating olives and cheese while the food was cooking!

Veggie, beef and shrimp kabobs!  



We also had quite the Abita party ;) We all happen to LOVE this stuff!


Not only did the J’s supplement our Abita stock..they brought apple and blueberry pie too!


This is apple pie, I swear. Those red plates make it hard to work with the flash!


We stayed up talking and listening to music for a long time and didn’t get to bed until 2am. I love those two!


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