August Birthdays!

We slept until about 9 on Sunday morning (totally necessary) then headed out for bagels and coffee! The J’s were talking about bagels last night so we had them on the brain! We sat outside Rappahannock and had a leisurely breakfast! It was such a beautiful morning. 

We walked back, packed our veggies and headed back into DC. Around 1pm, we headed to downtown Silver Spring to meet up with my family for an August birthday lunch.

We celebrated my birthday, my dad’s birthday and z’s birthday!!

Lunch: Eggspectations! DSCN7205

I got the egg-chilada: Three egg omelette with red, green and jalapeno peppers, three cheese and topped with salsa, served with grilled potatoes, toast and chef’s fruit garnish.


So good!! I ate almost all of this plate!


I was so full but then somehow made room for 15 a few bites of…


Huge chocolate and chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream :)


My awesome family!!


I threw on my brother’s shades, took off my flips and hopped in the water! Oh to be a kid again ;)


After lunch, I could barely move I was so full. I did manage to drive us safely home – phew!

We had a very productive evening and didn’t eat another thing for the rest of the day!

SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW! I am really nervous and really excited :)


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