Someone Made Me Dinner!

That someone would be my boyfriend! He got home this afternoon and offered to make dinner before he headed out for some dude fest thing an important fantasy football draft!

Fajitas and a jalapeño quesadilla!


(p.s. z was totally doing a dance in this picture!!)


I’m really loving these corn tortillas. They just taste so much more authentic and flavorful than the flour (or even whole wheat) tortillas!


I think I had two fajitas and those two pieces of quesadilla! We had a yellow and green pepper from my parents garden and he also bought a red pepper and several fresh jalapeños. z caramelized the heck out of the veggies which made them taste sooo good!

Thank you boyfriend!


After z left, I cleaned up and then headed to the gym (30 minutes on the treadmill. Stretching. Abs on the exercise and bosu ball. Kettlebell swings. Dumbbell shoulder and biceps. Bosu ball planks).


Good workout. Time to cuddle :)

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