Eclectic Friday.

I had a very eclectic Friday. I did a little bit of this and that with several different people!

Breakfast was fast and not photographed. But…my mid-morning banana showed up:


It was foca’s last day of work so we headed over to Whole foods for the last time. It was so nice outside so we sat out front.

I chopped up three tomatoes from my parents garden and topped them with homemade polenta (corn meal+water, butter and parmesan) and three “chik’n” strips. So good!!


After lunch we got treats :) Grande Iced Chai’s all around!


Good luck in the streams foca!!!


As I was on my way out of the parking lot, I heard all this honking behind me. I looked back and it was MY MOMMA! She had just gotten her done across the street and had forgot her phone! We had an impromptu Starbucks chat :)

Doesn’t she look so pretty!!!


Latte for mom. Green Machine for me!


I said bye to mom and finally headed home. z and I changed out of work clothes and walked downtown to Jazz! We got a sweet seat on the edge of the water fountain!


It was still early so I suggested ice cream and a movie! Some guy in the line at Haagen-Dazs kept trying to convince me to get the Mint Chip Dazzler. It looked way too big but finally…I caved!


z got a chocolate milkshake (shocker!) and we stood outside while waiting for out movie. I could only eat half of my ice cream because it was huge!


We ended up seeing Inception and I really, really loved it. I put it off for a while since I didn’t think it was “my kind of movie,” but I’m so glad we saw it. I am always amazed by the ideas and creativity people have! Thumbs up :)


Grad school orientation tomorrow!!


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