Daily Eats Are Back!

A day in the life of my crazy consumption? Could it be?

Breakfast: 0% Fage, blackberries, half a peach, honey drizzle and iced coffee with almond milk :)



Hey lighting…


10am nanner! Best mid-morning snack ever!


I forgot to take a picture of lunch. It was one of these guys from Sunday:


I was still hungry after lunch, so I had a Kashi granola bar.


I had another granola bar at 4pm! Hehe…

Weird dinner: Veggie Italian “Sausage” with ketchup and mustard, sauerkraut and celery with hummus!!

Blog Pictures 015

Blog Pictures 016

Dessert: Boiled sweet potatoes with pure maple syrup and cinnamon!

Blog Pictures 017  

Just got back from the gym! 33 minutes on the crosstrainer, 15 minute abs, 100 jump rope reps.

Time for shower and grad school stuff before bed. I can’t believe I start school on Monday!!!


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