My First Reduction!

I have one more Maine post to catch up on and then I should be back to my regular blogging schedule. I just stopped in to show you this beautiful dinner I made last night for z and I!

After seeing how easy it was to make a balsamic reduction, I knew I had to find some reason to make it! It was so easy! I don’t know why I’ve never done this before!

I bought a yellow heirloom tomato ($3), vine-ripened tomatoes, vegetarian mozzarella, and organic basil from Whole Foods! I sliced and layered everything then topped it with the beautifully sweet and syrupy balsamic vinegar!

So perfect and delicious!



My mom has both my memory cards which is why I had to take these pictures with my blackberry. Too bad because it was absolutely gorgeous!


still eating in an apartment near Chinatown!


One thought on “My First Reduction!

  1. I have your memory cards and all the pics from my camera ready to give you tomorrow!
    By the way- who is that old lady who seems to be in alot of your pictures.
    I am getting a haircut – a young one and must remember makeup in the future.

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