Fun August Begins!

I pretty much got out of bed and headed straight to the cereal box. The Kashi Go Lean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble cereal box to be exact. I love cereal and unsweetened almond milk. I only had one bowl because…well Kashi is very healthy. If you eat Kashi cereal…you understand.

10:30 came along and so did this banana. Do you see any brown spots? No. Why did I still eat it? No idea. Did I enjoy it? No.

Note to Self: Hey Self, you know you only like brown-spotted bananas, so you should only eat those. The end.


Leftover noodles from Friday.



I ate expired yogurt after lunch.


I also ate an apple around 2:15. It was a gala apple but it had a mushy texture. Weird fruit day for me.

I plan on eating this Cookies ‘n Cream Delight® Luna Bar on my drive home so I can make it through Bootcamp.


Side Note: Because of the aforementioned Kashi cereal, I arranged the bars in my snack drawer from highest to lowest amounts of fiber. Let’s just say this bar had the least amount.

Moving on.


I’m sure dinner will be a hodge podge after Bootcamp so I think I’ll just hit publish now.




I just realized that these next few weeks/weekends are going to be really busy and REALLY fun!

August 1 – z’s Birthday!

August 2 – Bootcamp!

August 3 – Informational Meeting at the Chicago School

August 6 – My 26th Birthday! I’m ancient.

August 7-9Miami with z to visit my brother and sister-in-law!

August 9-14Maine with my parents!

August 15 – Ray LaMontagne and David Gray with z!



Later lovers.



**Like my new blog header?? Zesty hooked me up with a fresh new look :) **

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