Precious Produce!!

One day last week, a co-worker gave me some beets from his garden! How exciting!!

Blog Pictures 002

I also got tomatoes and jalapenos from another coworker!

Blog Pictures 005

Blog Pictures 006

Blog Pictures 009  

Pre-Jazz Snack: Dried apples and peanut butter!

Blog Pictures 010

z and I walked down to Jazz in the Garden with a couple friends on Friday night.

Blog Pictures 012

Katie brought strawberries and I brought some pretzels!

Blog Pictures 011

We drank some beer and listened to some good music in a nice shady spot :)

Next Up: Dinner at Kanlaya with A&J!

Blog Pictures 013

My Thai eggplant dish was SOO good!

Blog Pictures 014 

I was glad we were walking home because I was stuffed!

Saturday morning: Cereal with fresh fruit and coffee!

Blog Pictures 020

Blog Pictures 021 

Peaches are OFF THE HOOK right now!!!! :)


After breakfast, we headed to our country home (La Casa de Piscina) for some pool time and kebobs!

Blog Pictures 022

Veggie Kabobs

Blog Pictures 023Blog Pictures 025

Beef Kabobs

Blog Pictures 024 Blog Pictures 026

Fresh salsa made with the tomatoes and jalapenos from another coworkers garden. Thanks Lisa :) 

Blog Pictures 030 Blog Pictures 027

Let’s get grilling!

Blog Pictures 031

Blog Pictures 032

Coors Light in a chilled mug!

Blog Pictures 033

Blog Pictures 034

Blog Pictures 038

Blog Pictures 040


There was lots of pool time and relaxation this weekend! We also watched Book of Eli with Denzel Washington. It was a little too violent for me, but the end made it all worth it :)   

Another good summer weekend <3


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