No Eats After Eight.

Even though I didn’t have lunch with foca today, I still went over to Whole Foods. I brought my leftover stuffed pepper from Friday


I also picked up a few things from the salad bar and a really tasty mint green tea.


I mostly wanted spinach, but then got carried away: a hard boiled egg (I don’t like these yolks), kalamata olives, two pieces of seitan and some artichokes. DSCN6404 

At 2:30 I had a really ripe peach and around 4:30 I had a 3-minute oatmeal raisin cookie. It was a little too chewy, but the flavors were good.


For dinner, I met my parents and Grandma “B” at The Stained Glass Pub for half-price pizza!

I started with a garden salad!


Instead of dressing, I got buffalo sauce because I’m weird I love it!


Large cheese pizza


Small, well-done veggie pizza. This one was sooo good! I loved crispy crust!!


We finished dinner around 7:30 and I headed back to DC. I was soo stuffed!

Two nights in a row I haven’t eaten anything after 8pm! I used to make this a firm rule when I started watching my weight and I actually think it helped. Life kind of got in the way of “no eats after eight,” but I don’t think it’s a terrible idea…

The only problem I have with this “rule” is that if you go from 8pm to 7am, that is 11 hours without food. I usually don’t go more than 4 hours without a snack. I guess this is why a good breakfast is so important!


Do you eat after eight?


One thought on “No Eats After Eight.

  1. I am not a clock watcher, but I don’t like eating late at night. They say when you sleep, your metabolism slows down. Well, my metabolism has already slowed down quite enough.
    Sadly, if I eat late, it’s usually ice cream. When Dad offers to make me a bowl, I usually say okay. But, sometimes, I let him eat alone!

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