Smoothie and a Soccer Game!

Getting 8+ hours of sleep feels so good! Breakfast was eaten but not documented…same with lunch.

I did, however, document my yummy post-workout smoothie!

Unsweetened organic soymilk, chocolate soy protein powder, super ripe banana, cold leftover coffee from breakfast and a couple ice cubes.

Blog Pictures 010

Blending ice is really loud.

Blog Pictures 011

I got multiple brain freezes because it was so good that I couldn’t stop myself from chugging!

Blog Pictures 012

Snack! Apple and almond butter!

Blog Pictures 013


Blog Pictures 014

DC United is sponsored by VW!!

Blog Pictures 017

I’m a proud VW owner!

Blog Pictures 019

Blog Pictures 020

24 ounces of cold, crisp, buzz-inducing Corona!

Blog Pictures 021

Blog Pictures 023

Blog Pictures 024

Rat Tails United!

Blog Pictures 025        

Blog Pictures 027

Barra Brava! Loud and awesome!

Blog Pictures 028 

Landon Donovan.

Blog Pictures 029

DC United vs. LA Galaxy

Blog Pictures 030

Blog Pictures 031

At one point we were tied…

Blog Pictures 032

The aforementioned 24 ouncer made this pretzel so necessary!

Blog Pictures 033

z got BBQ pork of course!

Blog Pictures 034

We ended up losing 2 to 1, but we had a really good time.



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