Split Time Saturday.

Until further notice, z and I will be splitting time between his house and mine. We started our Saturday at his house!

He had to run a few errands, so we headed to Rappahannock Coffee for breakfast.

z got a blueberry muffin with iced coffee.

Ryan G's 31st Birthday 048

I got a really fresh bagel and a soy cafe au lait.

Ryan G's 31st Birthday 049

His and hers ;)

Ryan G's 31st Birthday 050  

We headed to the pool around 11:30am and stayed for several hours. I <3 the pool. Read, relax, swim. Repeat.

After the pool, z went for a run and I boiled a few ears of corn. I cut the corn off the cob and packed it for dinner at my place.

We grabbed a few things at the store and made dinner around 6:30.

Cajun sausage for z.

Blog Pictures 002

I made this salad with fresh corn, canned black beans (drained and rinsed), avocado, fresh lime juice, and Fiesta Lime Mrs. Dash! Blog Pictures 003

Sierra Nevada Summerfest! I love trying all the seasonal beers :)

Blog Pictures 005

Dinner in 20 minutes!

Blog Pictures 006

My deliciously simple plate!

Blog Pictures 007

After dinner, there may have been a little couch nap…Once we were finally coherent, we went on a search for ice cream. We walked for almost 2 hours and didn’t find anything…really!?

We finally stopped at my old reliable (Safeway) and got mini cups!

Cookie Dough :)

Blog Pictures 008

z got mango sorbet and it was really good!

Blog Pictures 009      

All that ice cream and walking made me tired! Good Night and Happy Saturday!


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