Our alarms went off at 6:20, 6:30 and 6:40 this morning. Ugh… Getting up before 7am seems so wrong. But z had to be out by 7ish and I had to be out  before 7:15 because it’s a public transportation day! The metro stunk today. I had to wait 6 minutes for the red and then it was having “mechanical difficulties.” However, instead of waiting for the bus for 20 minutes, it pulled up as soon as I walked outside! I made it to work at 8:40! Not terrible. I’m almost done with the third Harry Potter book! Maybe I can finish the series by the time the last movie comes out?

Breakfast was cereal, banana, and unsweetened soy milk.

A 10am plum doesn’t have the same hunger holding effect as a 10am banana! DSCN6314

Because the plum felt like eating water, I made a cafe mocha (coffee and hot chocolate) for caffeine and substance :) My brother Jah drinks one of these every day! So delicious! I think he’s on to something…


For lunch today, I had a bed of baby romaine greens topped with a bulgur creation I made last night. I cooked the bulgur (2 cups water, 1 cup bulgur) and later added chopped sundried tomatoes, dried tarragon and red chili flakes.


Snack 1


Snack 2

Blog Pictures 015

I didn’t get home until 8pm because I was helping out a coworker. This meant that I didn’t get to go to the happy hour my friends arranged. I was pretty bummed about that.

Since it was so late, I was hungry!

I had salad topped with more bulgur, one egg, and salsa. I also dipped those two carrots…

Blog Pictures 016

…in this goodness! I’ve never seen this before and I love the bite of the horseradish!

Blog Pictures 017

Blog Pictures 018

After dinner, I had to finish up some more work while I cooked these dry white beans. I had soaked them overnight and put them on the stove for a good hour with S&P.

Blog Pictures 019

Look what I pulled out of the cabinet: MY DEHYDRATOR! I prepared a layer of zucchini, strawberries and two layers of apples!

Blog Pictures 020     

I’m so happy tomorrow is pay day Friday!

I have a work errand to run downtown in the morning, then working from home and then a birthday celebration for RG :)


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