Cereal doesn’t really fill me up so I’m glad I had a AB and Blueberry jam sandwich packed!

Blog Pictures 001

We had a group meeting yesterday with pizza and salad provided. Yum!


Dinner after a tough Bootcamp! Cheddar two-egg omelet with brussels sprouts!

Blog Pictures 002

Drenched in Franks!

Blog Pictures 004

A little S&P does the trick :)

Blog Pictures 005

Tuesday used to be the day I worked from home, but that stopped for a while…

I finally got to work from home today. I got up early, ate breakfast and baked these cookies!

Blog Pictures 006

Carrots ‘N’ Cake Carrot Cake Cookies I followed the recipe exactly, but I subbed cinnamon for ginger because I didn’t have any. SO EASY and Delicious!

Blog Pictures 007      


Blog Pictures 008

Lunch: ww bread with hummus, a carrot, some salad and the leftover brussels sprouts!

Blog Pictures 009 

I finished the pot of coffee in iced coffee form.

Blog Pictures 011

Then came a plum (along with other snacks).

Blog Pictures 013  

Our movie got postponed because of the rain forecast…bummer!

We may meet up with some new friends though…


Gotta finish some reading for work then it’s date time!


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