Jazz and Dumplings!

I left work and headed straight home. Well, I stopped to get a six pack of Heineken…and then went home. That’s not a typical Friday night…but I was headed to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden with some buddies :)

Heineken, in a red cup, with a side of blogness card and foot.

Blog Pictures 041

After some jazz and two beers, we headed back into Chinatown for dinner.

This noodle guy liked having an audience!

Blog Pictures 042

Blog Pictures 043

Hot tea on a hot night? Why not!?

Blog Pictures 044

Pretty plates :)

Blog Pictures 045

10 veggie dumplings!

Blog Pictures 046     

Served with a soy/cilantro sauce.

Blog Pictures 047

I ate 8 and shared 2! Yum!

Blog Pictures 048

Um…blurry dumpling, clear hand? I am not a photographer! That’s for sure…

Blog Pictures 049

DLF got the beef noodle soup.

Blog Pictures 050

Gentlemen chowing down.

Blog Pictures 051

My fortune was cute, but now I don’t know where it is..

Blog Pictures 052

Blog Pictures 053

Practice that smile buddy!

Blog Pictures 054

There you go!

Blog Pictures 055

I am the walrus. Coo coo ca-choo.

Blog Pictures 056         

We went back to J/DLF’s place and drank more beer. They left for the beach (with a DD!) and I headed home.


I ate rice and made the pasta for tomorrow’s crab feast fundraiser for my cousin Tony who was paralyzed in a car accident last April.


More on that later! I think it is going to be a great event. My brother Jah has done a fabulous job coordinating it and staying organized. I love my family.




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