Not stir fry. ThurFri. Because this is my Thursday Friday post…get it? Weak.

I had banana oatmeal on Thursday morning. I also took public transportation again.

At 11am I ate another banana.


foca and I had a quick lunch on my makeshift filing cabinet picnic table!


Roasted veggies and orzo.




Yogurt and blueberries.

DSCN6151 DSCN6152

Afternoon snack. Carrots and hummus.


My parents picked me up from work…because my metro card didn’t have enough money to ride the bus. How many times do they save me?? Too many times.

We got dinner at Panera before they dropped me off at the metro.

Half greek salad, half black bean soup. ALL YUM!


My parents split the new chicken salad sandwich! 


So today is Friday. Hooray! I had cereal with a sliced banana for breakfast!

I decided to drive and traffic wasn’t bad, phew! I stopped at Starbucks for a soy misto since I was earlier than usual. Around 11am…I had another banana.

For lunch, foca and I headed to whole foods. I had Asian slaw (rice vinegar, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and sriracha) with a hummus/bbq sauce sandwich.

DSCN6158  DSCN6159


A little after I got back, I ate my honey yogurt :)


I have two snacks hiding in my cabinet (popcorn and a black cherry almond Clif bar). I may eat one, I may eat both, I may not eat either of them.  We’ll see how the day progresses…


EXCITING NEWS! I made blog business cards (for friends, family and other interested parties)…and they arrived today. They’re CUTE :)


One thought on “ThurFri.

  1. I just stumbled across your blog today – I’m already hooked! I just visited DC and fell in love, and it’s so cool to read your perspective on the city and the food!

    I haven’t made orzo in AGES – that looks so good!

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