July 1st.

Two salads for lunch?

I actually packed the spinach and tomato salad before I went to z’s but because we had leftovers, he packed me the salad and some pasta!


Work has been frustrating lately. Instead of going to the gym…I went to Chipotle with my parents!

Personal Story:

I drove with my mom to dinner. We talked about the day’s significance and called my Pop Pop. Today is the 26th year anniversary of my father’s death. My mom was 8 months pregnant with me when he was killed by a drunk driver. She is such a strong and faithful woman. She got re-married (to my dad) when I was almost 3. He is the only dad I’ve ever known and he’s perfect for me! Though I never met my biological father, I feel connected to him. His name was Dennis Lee and I was named Denise Leigh after him. Story over.


We waited for my dad (he was biking) and tried not to eat but we were hungry. At around 6:30 (meeting time was 6) my mom started to get very nervous…rightfully so. But two minutes later…there he was and I’ve never seen my mom smile so big :)


For the first time in a while…I didn’t finish my burrito bowl.


Parental Silhouettes.


Of course I had room for frozen yogurt.


So many options…


I tried banana split, original,


Oreo, taro,


mixed berries, and papaya. I liked Taro and Original the best!!


So many toppings!!


My little guy.


I can’t even remember everything I got…m&ms, reese’s pieces, coconut, blueberries, strawberries, mango, pb chips, almonds, and one chocolate covered almond!


My parents split this mammoth cup!DSCN6062   


Interesting lamps.


With a full belly, we headed back home, let the animals out for a while, pick some organic cucumbers from my parents garden and then I headed  back to the city.




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