I didn’t post on Tuesday or Wednesday…guess I’ve been too busy commuting LIVING!

Tuesday lunch (at my desk). Cabbage with marinated (raw) tofu!


Big, green grapes.


Mini-ish Oreo’s!




I met z downtown at 4:30 to look at another apartment. Ladies and Gents, we may have a winner!

We decided to walk down to Ella’s Wood-Fired Pizza for dinner. We really like their pizza!

I thought I would surprise z and order sangria…but then he ordered it too! Funny.


We both had a glass of sangria with chunks of green apple and pineapple (I ate all of our fruit)! 


I love when places serve bread! I really love when places serve bread with olive oil! I really really love when places serve bread with olive oil AND balsamic vinegar!


For my entree, I got the Crunchy Bibb Salad (vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, chick peas, avocado and a creamy parmesan lemon vinaigrette dressing)!! Yum!


z got a mixed greens salad and the margherita pizza (buffalo mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce, olive oil and sea salt)! He even shared a slice with me! Melt in your mouth pizza – YUM!!


The sky was really cool on our walk home, so I had to take a picture!


z gave me an awesome back massage before he went home! It put me into a  lovely trance…  


Moving on to Wednesday…


Overnight oats (plain yogurt, oats, goji, chia, bananner).


Look familiar? Same lunch as Tuesday. I love the pre-shredded cabbage mix. Just sprinkle a little rice vinegar on it, add salt and pepper and let it hang out over night!!


Piece of WW bread with chocolate PB!


I headed to Whole Foods after work to pick up supplies so I could make an organic dinner at z’s. I stopped by my house, showered, grabbed my stuff and headed back out!

z went for a run while I made dinner!

Chopped up local, organic basil (grown in VA!). According to the Whole Foods website: “Fresh basil adds delightful flavor as well as a healthy punch of antioxidants to your summer favorites.”


All Organic: onion, garlic, grape tomatoes, basil and Muir Glen tomato sauce!



DSCN6032 DSCN6034

We had the pasta with a salad of mixed greens, basil, cucumber and balsamic vinegar!

DSCN6035 DSCN6037 

We drank this Rodney Strong Cab. I rarely drink cabernet sauvignon…we both agreed that we like other reds better. He likes pinot noir and we both like chianti! It wasn’t bad though ;)


Organic raspberries! These were my surprise treat for z! He proceeded to surprise me by doing the dishes and putting these guys on vanilla ice cream :)


This was our last night for a while. He’s heading on a vacation with his family and won’t be back for over a week. Must.Stay.Strong.


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