I’m a Monkey!

“I’m a flea bit peanut monkey
All my friends are junkies
That’s not really true”

z says Monkey Man is his favorite Rolling Stones song. I think it’s because I’m a monkey…and he likes me ;)

Speaking of monkeys, I hung out with one today while I ate my brown-spotted banana at 11 this morning!


City Monkeys are scavengers. They’ll eat whatever they can get their paws on…today, it was baby carrots and a leftover veggie sausage with whole grain mustard.



Even working monkeys should not be kept inside all day, but today I could not escape due to the MONSOON outside!


Green snack.

Blog Pictures 006

Bubbly snack.

Blog Pictures 007

Chewy snack.

Blog Pictures 008

I escaped captivity and made it home by 630, ate two pieces of bread. Got my monkey butt kicked at Bootcamp. I was SOAKED!

Came home and made dinner!

Fried tofu (peanut oil and sesame seeds!)

Blog Pictures 009

Blog Pictures 010

On a simple bed of mixed greens.

Blog Pictures 011

Monkey’s freakin’ love crunchy tofu, I swear!

Blog Pictures 012

Went back for a third piece…and later ate the fourth ;)

Blog Pictures 013       

I still have the other half of the tofu block monkeying marinating in the fridge! Oh the possibilities!


I’m so weird sometimes.

“Well, I am just a monkey man
I’m glad you are a monkey woman too”

monkeying around in an apartment near Chinatown.

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