A Full Weekend!

Every Sunday night I want to title my posts “Whirlwind Weekend!” That’s how summer weekends are and I LOVE IT!


z came over at 10pm on Friday. We tried a new beer, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, which is made with lemonade! So refreshing and delicious :)

We headed out around 10:30 for our walk to Twins Jazz on U Street.   I don’t like places with a drink minimum, especially those with a cover charge! Oh well. The band (Full Ascent) was good and we had a really nice time :)

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 002

We didn’t get to bed until pretty late so we miraculously slept until 10:30am! This is all well and good except…we had an apartment viewing at 11am! It kind of felt like the “WE SLEPT IN” part of Home Alone! We both showered, ate strawberries are made it to the leasing office by 10:53! z told me it was later than it really was because he knew I’d rush to get out the door instead of taking my time…he knows me too well ;)

The viewing was quick, so we grabbed coffee and bagels at the deli next door.  Around 12:30, we headed to VA to meet up with the J’s for the US v. Ghana soccer game.  I cooled my feet in this water fountain while we waited for the J’s.

Blog Pictures 009

We thought we were so early, but all the bars were packed. We ended up at Rock Bottom which turned out to be a great choice! RJ is a member of the mug club…these things were HUGE (20 oz.?)! I had one pale ale and one light beer! BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!

Blog Pictures 010

Good thing we ordered food! HJ was talking about the fried pickles and I knew I had to try them! It was actually fried pickles and fried Anaheim peppers! SOOO GOOD! I couldn’t wouldn’t eat them all! HJ got the reuben, RJ got the pork bbq and z got mahi mahi tacos!

Blog Pictures 012\    

After the disappointing loss, z and I headed home. We wanted to take advantage of the sunlight, so we headed to la piscina! The water felt so good! We broke for dinner around 7 and both agreed that veggies were necessary! A simple meal of sautéed onions and peppers on a bed of jasmine rice with a sliced tomato on the side!

Blog Pictures 013


Blog Pictures 015

We got up a little before 9. z went for a run and I made coffee and watched Food Network :)

We had berries, peaches and a side of World Cup for breakfast before heading to the pool again!

Blog Pictures 016

It was definitely a hot one today, but we still decided to grill outside!

Blog Pictures 017   

Hot dogs and veggie dogs. Please notice their distance haha! My boyfriend is sweet ;)

Blog Pictures 019

Protect your hot dog! Use condiments!

Blog Pictures 018

This was really outstanding and beautiful.

Blog Pictures 022

After some more soccer and lots of digestion, we headed back to the pool! I may have taken two naps…

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Sundays? Hehe…

I’m feeling very optimistic that this summer is going be a great summer!   


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