I think I’m finally feeling better after a week of having this cold! Yowzas!

Last time you saw my face I was looking ROUGH! Today, I’m almost back to 100%!



Although I didn’t blog, I did eat food. Here are some notable meals/experiments:


Blog Pictures 012

Blog Pictures 013 

Blog Pictures 014

TGIFriday’s with mom, dad and Pop Pop on Wednesday!

Dad’s salad.

Blog Pictures 016

MY Mom’s fried green beans!

Blog Pictures 017  


Blog Pictures 018

Blog Pictures 020

Blog Pictures 021

I ate spinach artichoke dip and broccoli haha!

Blog Pictures 022

Blog Pictures 024

Mom’s pasta

Blog Pictures 023

Pop Pop’s shrimpies

Blog Pictures 025

Dad’s cheesy chicken

Blog Pictures 026      

Woa dessert.

Blog Pictures 027

Blog Pictures 028Blog Pictures 029 

Whole Foods for lunch with Mom on Thursday!

Blog Pictures 030

 Blog Pictures 031

Blog Pictures 032

Friday’s lunch: mixed greens, walnuts, strawberries, blueberry craisins and balsamic.

Blog Pictures 033  

WW bread with blueberry jam and chocolate PB!

Blog Pictures 034 

Cheddar and mixed greens omelet!

Blog Pictures 035

With salsa!

Blog Pictures 036

I will be back to regular posting…soon.

I’m taking z to a late night jazz show tonight!

Happy Weekend!


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