I Guess I’m Sick…

Yup. I’ll admit it now. I’m sick and feel horrible.

I forced myself to eat these almond butter overnight oats this morning, but I was not hungry.

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 002

I got to work and immediately starting drinking tons of this:

Blog Pictures 003

I thought I was a little hungry at 11, so I had some animal crackers.

Blog Pictures 004

Everyone says you need to “feed your cold,” so I broke for lunch with foca and ate a veggie burger with some veggies and a few bites of gross nectarines.

Blog Pictures 005

One last glimpse of freedom before going back in to work:

Blog Pictures 006

Picked these up at Whole Foods and drank them pretty quickly. Gotta stay hydrated…

Blog Pictures 007

I wanted to leave after lunch, but things kept coming up. I didn’t leave until 5 which did not help my case.

WARNING – I’m gross.

I noticed my trashcan was full of tissues and had to document the ridiculousness of my cold. I should not have gone to work…

Blog Pictures 008

When I got in my car, I realized that little Sadie had surpassed the 90,000 mile mark! Go girl, go!


I got home around 6 and decided to feed the cold because I wanted to get in bed early.

I had eggs to use, so I decided to use HEAB’s omelet tutorial to face my fear of making omelets!

Blog Pictures 009

I DID IT! Thanks HEAB!

Blog Pictures 011

2 eggs, 1 slice cheddar, leftover veggies.

Blog Pictures 012

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 014           

After dinner, things went further downhill…

This is me now:


(I guess I don’t mind exploiting myself??)

Tissues, agua, a little banana soft serve, and books.

Blog Pictures 018

I have to work downtown at my client’s tomorrow. I have no voice whatsoever and both my ears are clogged! It could be an interesting day…

Please please please please don’t ask why I’m not calling in sick. I’m stubborn and have a really hard time doing it. The end.

I hope I’m asleep by 9:30! UGHHHHH!!!


2 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Sick…

  1. So sorry you’re feeling horrible…If you have to force yourself to eat almond butter overnight oats, then you know it’s bad. ;)
    I hope you feel better tomorrow. If not, hopefully your client will take pity on you and send you home.

    So glad the omelet directions worked for you – yours looked perfect.

    Sending healing vibes your way, and I hope you get a good night of rest!

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