Groggy Girl.

I woke up feeling like trash this morning. Left gland swollen. Sore throat. Really groggy. Ugh…

Good thing I had overnight oats (topped with nectarine) in the fridge!

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 002

11am nanner.

Blog Pictures 003

2 rice cakes at 11:08am

Blog Pictures 004 

Mexi-Medley at 1pm. Spinach, chik’n, peppers, sundried tomatoes and chili-lime salsa.

Blog Pictures 005


Blog Pictures 008

Peanut M&Ms,

Blog Pictures 010

I came home to a cold house! They gave me a brand new AC control panel (the marks from the old one are still there, ew). They also left a HUGE mess, but that’s another story…

Blog Pictures 014

Went to the gym. Ran for 20 minutes then got my ABS kicked in the 15 minute ab class. Finished off with some body bar exercises (squats, rows, etc.)

I munched on a few chips and salsa while deciding what I wanted for dinner. My first thought was nothing…second thought:

Cheese sandwich and lime Perrier.

Blog Pictures 020 

Blog Pictures 023

I need to shower. z is coming over to cuddle me because I don’t feel well and I didn’t have the best day at work…


Columbia Pike Blues Fest tomorrow. Hope I’m feeling better!


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