Too Hot.

I ate breakfast while talking to z in the kitchen. I had plain yogurt, agave, oats and walnuts. We drank our coffee in the kitchen too…

Lunch was a layered “casserole.” Pre-Micro:

Blog Pictures 014

Spinach, peppers, “chik’n,” salsa verde and sharp cheddar!

Blog Pictures 019

Melty Post-Micro:

Blog Pictures 020

Blog Pictures 022

Blog Pictures 023    

Dip, baby, dip.

Blog Pictures 015 

Yes, foca brought Corn Pops.

Blog Pictures 017 

Half after lunch and half at 330.

Blog Pictures 024

Blog Pictures 025

Merging and taking a picture while driving stick…Sorry Mom!

Blog Pictures 026

Blog Pictures 027

Blog Pictures 028   

My city looks pretty good with a sunset on its back ;)

Blog Pictures 029

Dinner = frozen vegan burrito

Blog Pictures 030

Blog Pictures 033  

Side of veggies and olives.

Blog Pictures 034


Blog Pictures 032

and salsa.

Blog Pictures 031


Ugh.I don’t feel too hot. Scratch that…I feel way too hot and I feel sick. I need AC and no allergies. Please!?


Reading my new book "Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins (sequel to the Hunger Games) and waiting for my laundry to dry.


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