Sisco’s Saturday!

For breakfast, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the hotel’s mascot, Sisco! She is a precious black kitty that lives on the grounds :)


Blog Pictures 020

Morning yoga.

Blog Pictures 023  


Blog Pictures 024

Nap time.

Blog Pictures 025


Blog Pictures 026

Water from the AC!

Blog Pictures 029     

The goods.

Blog Pictures 027

Oatmeal packet with strawberry yogurt.

Blog Pictures 028

After hanging out on our beach for a while, we headed North (???) to meet my brother and some other friends.

Hi Jah!

Blog Pictures 030


Blog Pictures 033

After hanging out with the gang and grilling with my brother, we headed out for some Bet-Winning Ice Cream! What’s that you ask? I’ll tell you…

I was lying on a raft in the gangs pool playing with a rubber snake. I went to throw it at z, and it hooked on to the side of the pool so it looked vertical. z and Jah both said “Bet you can’t do that again.” Oh yea…what do you bet? z said ice cream, so I took the snake, got back in to position and tossed the snake again. Did it hook on again? HECK YEA IT DID!!!!! I told z I wanted my ice cream to have gold flakes in it to make it worth my while, but I settled for sprinkles instead… ;)

Blog Pictures 041

Two scoops of cookies and cream in a chocolate-dipped sprinkle waffle cone! Decadent!

Blog Pictures 043 



I ate all but about half a scoop (because I’m a champ at a lot of things) and then we watched the sunset at the end of a pier! Sigh… <3


Happy Saturday to Me!

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