Run Beach, Run.

Sunday morning z got up to go running. I thought I was going to  stay in bed and watch the Food Network, but then I remembered I brought my sneakers and I didn’t want them to think that I brought them in vain…so I went for a 15 or so minute run on the beach. Beach running is tough because of the uneven terrain, but I worked hard and got a good sweat going. I’m going to be sore later…

I met up with z at 9:30 for breakfast. Have I mentioned that I love free breakfast? I had tons of water, coffee, yogurt, Cheerios and fruit!

Off to the beach!!

Around lunch time we headed to the Pine Island Diner which is conveniently located right next to the hotel and allows you to do carry-out!

I love that they give you pickles!

Blog Pictures 046

We split a Jamaican Canadian Red Stripe.

Blog Pictures 048 

z got the Pine Island Club sandwich which was GIGANTIC and he “crushed” it! Haha!

Blog Pictures 049

I got the Homemade Mozzarella sandwich with roasted peppers, tomatoes, and basil pesto on a toasted french loaf!

Blog Pictures 050

Everything looks better with an ocean behind it…

Blog Pictures 052

Blog Pictures 053

Even potato salad looks better with the ocean behind it…

Blog Pictures 054

Dessert grapes!

Blog Pictures 061

Meet the Beatles!

Blog Pictures 060   

I typically despise feet…until you put them on sand at the beach…then apparently I love to take pictures of them! I’m strange.

Blog Pictures 051 

Blog Pictures 059


Blog Pictures 055  

Blog Pictures 057

Blog Pictures 058 

Blog Pictures 064 

We ended up moving up to the pool after lunch because the damn horse flies were eating us alive. The pool was really nice. Hot because there was no wind, but nice because there were no flies! Around 5 we had to shower and get ready to leave :(

We pulled out of the parking lot at 5:45 and headed home. Goodbye…

Blog Pictures 067

Blog Pictures 068

Road fuel.

Blog Pictures 070

Subie’s Sexy Silhouette!

Blog Pictures 071

Tunnel vision.

Blog Pictures 076

Then the rains came…AH!

Blog Pictures 078

We hit traffic near F-Burg again. Stupid Stafford County. UGH!

We still made pretty decent time thanks to the HOV lanes. HOLA HOVITO!

Back in the District by 10:45 and in bed by 11:30.

I miss my boyfriend the beach already.


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