Chipotle Club.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. There was definitely some pouting, but no one around to see it. I had wheat puffs, banana and almond milk for breakfast and waited to have coffee until I was in the office.

Lunch with foca: Boca burger with ketchup from Whole Foods. I brought my own plate :)

Blog Pictures 079

Random Just got home from the beach and there is produce in the fridge that MUST be used Salad: cucumber, tomatoes, basil, olives, sun dried tomatoes and balsamic.Blog Pictures 080

4pm snack

Blog Pictures 081

Chewy and minty.

Blog Pictures 083

I had Chipotle for dinner with my mom, Grandma and “little” brother.

Veggie salad with guac!

Blog Pictures 085

Blog Pictures 084    

Grandma and Bird.

Blog Pictures 086

Mom and me.

Blog Pictures 087

Why Bird, why?

Blog Pictures 088

Chipotle Club :)

Blog Pictures 089   

Monday’s stink, but I have to admit…Chipotle with the fam makes them stink a little less!


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