Beach Friday!

z picked me up at 8am and we were off to the OBX! I unfortunately needed to take two back to back conference calls from 10am-12pm. At around 9:30, we stopped for a potty and STARBUCKS break!

Sweet, sweet soy misto, you have saved my day :)

Blog Pictures 001

We stopped around 1 for a potty/lunch break! I ate a ripe banana and a granola bar.

Blog Pictures 002

z made had a sandwich, an apple and a Larabar!

Blog Pictures 004

We had company!

Blog Pictures 005

Dragonflies like Larabars too!

Blog Pictures 006

We almost drank this Coke, until we realized it wasn’t a screw top!

Blog Pictures 007

Too bad because these bottles are really cute!

Blog Pictures 008      

Blog Pictures 009

Bathroom hut :)

Blog Pictures 010

SUBIE! Thanks for a great ride!

Blog Pictures 011

We made it to the Hampton Inn and Suites/Outer Banks Corolla, checked in and headed to the beach. After a little while, z filled up the water bottles and came back with a snack! Ice cream and an apple!

Blog Pictures 012

Laying in the sun all day sure builds up an appetite ;) We headed to The Blue Point for dinner!

I ordered the Franciscan Sauvignon Blanc (Napa Valley) which was light and refreshing!

Blog Pictures 013

z ordered a brew!

Blog Pictures 014

Bread and buttah!

Blog Pictures 015

Awesomely Amazing Appetizer: pan sautéed fresh calamari black olives—tomatoes—lemon—oregano – extra virgin olive oil

Blog Pictures 016

For my meal, I ordered the mixed baby greens salad snow white goat cheddar—almonds – cider-honey dressing

Blog Pictures 017

I also asked for a side of veggies (fresh carrots, peas, onions and asparagus)!

Blog Pictures 018

z got the crispy cornmeal fried carolina catfish red beans & rice—house made tasso ham – crawfish remoulade.

Blog Pictures 019

By the end of our meal, we were the only ones on the screened in porch :)


What a great BEACH FRIDAY!


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