Beach on the Brain!

I can’t concentrate tonight because I’ve got beach on the brain!!!!!

Breakfast was different today. 1 egg/1 egg white sandwich with a piece of provolone and ketchup!




foca and I headed to WF for lunch. Today’s lunch was sautéed beet greens and kale (in EVOO, garlic and onion) with some leftover cheesy orzo.


I also had the last of the Greek Salad from the Farmer’s Market Brunch!


After lunch I realized I hadn’t had caffeine all day and knew the afternoon would be busy so I got this tea at WF for a buck!


4:20pm snack – vanilla yogurt and a few bites of a not-so-delicious red delicious.

Blog Pictures 727

I got a text from hpants asking if I could pick up some cornmeal from WF for her cabbage and cheddar gratin, so of I course I did and stopped by for a little drink!

Blog Pictures 728

It was Pomegranate Smirnoff! I added acai/pomegranate coconut water to mine and hpants added lemonade. We sat outside on the balcony and caught up :) Lovely!

I even got to see her main man shucking corn. Good boy…

Blog Pictures 729

Beautiful sunset for the drive home.

Blog Pictures 730

A hungry girl walked in the door, grabbed the last of the cottage cheese, added a tomato, S&P, and gobbled it all up. This was just my appetizer…

Blog Pictures 732

Hello pretty dinner!! 

Blog Pictures 734

On the plate: One piece Double Protein bread, one light LC wedge, half a slice tomato, fresh basil, S&P.

Blog Pictures 735

In the bowl: sautéed kale and tomatoes with a splash of soy sauce and sriracha!! Yum!

Blog Pictures 736     

This was too much food and I felt so full. I definitely didn’t wait long enough to digest because I could only do 15 minutes on the treadmill. At least my strength training went well!!

I stopped by the store to get some important things like sunscreen, a frisbee and animal crackers! I also got a Genisoy cookies and cream protein bar (impulse) because it was on sale for a dollar. I ended up eating it on my walk home…hehe



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