Measure Up.

I’m a day behind with my posts this week…AH! This should have been Wednesday’s post!

z made a huge pot of coffee and gave me a really fresh peach for breakfast. We sat at the table until the last possible second this morning before we had to go to work. The rain made us feel so sleepy! Anyone else feeling it today??

z made me a roadie and then I dropped him off at the bus stop. I ate a Choco-walla on my way in. I hit some traffic but still made it in before 9.



That’s a lot of coffee! I couldn’t drink it all (probably a good thing)!


foca and I ate a quick lunch in the lunch room. I had a spinach salad with roasted kabocha and okra and some lite raspberry walnut vinaigrette that I borrowed.


I also had a coffee yogurt!


I left work at 4pm to go to the dentist.  Last time I went I was fitted for a porcelain filling and this trip was to get the filling put in. Only one shot of Novocain this time, but it still wasn’t pleasant. I wasn’t in there very long though, so I was happy about that. Since I was shaky from the shot, I stopped at my parents house for dinner.

My dad cut up some soft cantaloupe…


…and my mom brought me an orange mango Vivanno smoothie from Starbucks! It was the perfect post-dentist meal.


We then decided to measure ourselves? Don’t ask…my family is crazy awesome!



I’m short.


Then Fievel wanted some attention, so she started rolling around! Haha!




After a little while, I was really hungry and my mouth was not as numb, so I made some cheesey pasta.


I cooked and drained the pasta, added a tbls. of margarine and then a ton of shredded Mexican cheese :) It was really delicious!


I headed home to do some work at home since I left early. I ended up working until 10:30. Ugh…

Things are getting really busy at work, but today is my Friday because tomorrow z and I are off to the BEACH!!


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