Baseball, Beer, Berries, and a Boyfriend.

I’m not good at limiting my daily intake of nut butter! It’s just so good!

For breakfast, I had two pieces of Double Protein bread with almond butter on one side and chocolate PB on the other!




I forgot my camera at home, so I had to use the crackberry for lunch pictures! I headed to Noodles with foca and got to try out my new purse hanger from Mojo’s bridal shower. I love it!


I packed a spinach salad with roasted okra and kabocha squash, farmer’s market cucumber and tomatoes! foca gave me the mushrooms from her pasta, so I got to add those too!


I forgot dressing, so I borrowed a packed of soy sauce and sriracha from Noodles. I used a ton of hot sauce but only a squirt of soy. It was delicious!


My mouth was burning so I ate some lemony apples after lunch! 


I also had three of these little guys!


Around 4:30 I ate a champagne mango with some vanilla yogurt!


After work I had to head home, let the dogs out, check on Fievel and drop off the “thank you” cookies for my parents. I gave Fievel a nice long belly rub to see if that would make her feel better…

Traffic was crazy because of the Nationals game and an event at the Verizon Center. I got home around 7:25 after picking up some mixed greens for dinner. I threw on my red shirt, grabbed my overnight bag and headed back out the door. I think I made it to z’s before 8!

I walked in and z said “Since you’re here, it’s time for a beer!”

Yes! Beer and baseball! Banquet Beer Coors Original for z and Coors Light for me (in a frosty, frosty mug)!


Hello foam! Hello Outer Banks seashells :)


After watching some of the game, we put the pizza in the oven. I brought some fresh basil from the market on Sunday. It smelled so good!



Frozen pizza + fresh herbs + black pepper = Delicious!


I cut up the cucumber, corn on the the cob and basil for the salad. z dressed it with Newman’s Own Balsamic dressing and it was perfect!



Add some Pinot Noir and you have yourself a fancy, tv dinner!


Go Strasburg!!


After the game, z made dessert. I don’t always eat dessert, but I never refuse a bite of z’s ice cream and fruit desserts! I learned a new trick last night…if the tickle monster comes out, your boyfriend will run away and leave the bowl of ice cream on the table. SCORE!

Fresh blueberries, peaches and vanilla ice cream <3


Dinner and dessert were delicious. The Nats won. Strasburg played great. I got a sleepover. I’d say it was a good night…

See you Wednesday!

peace, love and baseball from an apartment near Chinatown.


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