All Over The Place!

Hi! I’m blogging from my floor tonight because Bootcamp was awesomely tough and my hammies need a good stretch!


I worked from home today before a 1pm meeting, which means my meals are all over the place (just like my day).

For breakfast, I ate some wheat puffs and granola with almond milk and had some OJ on the side.

Blog Pictures 006

I wanted some fruit, so I snacked on some apples I chopped last night and sprinkled with lemon juice. Crunchy and tart!

Blog Pictures 007

A little later, I had a bite of blueberry cake with chocolate PB!

Blog Pictures 008

For lunch, I munched on tzatziki “chicken” salad and some other random things that escaped my camera.

Blog Pictures 009

I ate a Chocowalla bar after my meeting around 3:30 and headed home around 5pm.

I wasn’t super hungry but I ate some cottage cheese while on hold with the vet’s office. Fievel isn’t doing well again, but I don’t really want to talk about it. My parents are taking great care of her and I feel so thankful to have them. Anyway…she’s not doing well and we need to figure something out. Ugh…

I decided to make some cookies for my parents because I’m stopping by with cat food tomorrow. I used the Betty Crocker Gingerbread mix with non-hydrogenated, flax margarine and a cage free egg. I sampled some and they were tasty!!

Blog Pictures 010

I was finally hungry for dinner around 9:30! So late…

I had some roasted kabocha squash and leftover Greek salad with tofu “feta.”

Blog Pictures 011

Blog Pictures 012

Today was kind of an odd day. Good and great things happened, but some not so good things happened too. Thus is life, I guess.




peace, love and squash from an apartment near Chinatown.


One thought on “All Over The Place!

  1. This morning I had to get up early with Dad. Fievel approached like she was hungry ( and she had eaten the little bit I had given her the night before). I decided to feed her a bit and as I was entering the study, I said out loud – “I hope there is a big pile of poop”. And………. there was!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she ate all her food!! About half the normal amount. We are all happy and feeling good in this house today. All because a kitty named Fievel left me a nice pile to clean up. And, yes, I had Dad take a picture and send it to you, but somehow, I don’t think a picture is appropriate for a food blog!

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