Theatre Date!

I worked from home on Friday but it was so hot that I only ate a few bites of my oatmeal. By the time it was 11, I was ready for lunch so I made a homemade tzatziki sauce with dill from my “garden.”

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I mixed it together with that vegetarian “chicken” I got at the International market and had an open-faced Greek “chicken” salad sandwich.

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I also snacked on some trail mix.

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z came over around 6pm with presents!! He brought beer, limes, chips and “salsa guaco!”

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We noticed it was around 7:30, so we cleaned up and walked to Studio Theatre to see American Buffalo! This was our third show at Studio Theatre and we both enjoyed it, though I could have done without all 54,290,123 F-Bombs that were dropped…

After the show we headed to Birch and Barley for dinner. We had been upstairs for beer before, but never downstairs for food. The interior was really neat and we sat a tall table for two.

I ordered a small 4oz. Harpoon Summer Beer; it was the perfect size and taste for me! z also ordered a summer ale, but I forgot which one. Oops!

Blog Pictures 014

When they set the complimentary bread tray down, they won me over. I loved the presentation and each bread was different and delicious! Pretzel bread, kalamata bread and cinnamon raisin bread with super creamy butter and super grainy mustard. <3 LOVE <3

Blog Pictures 016

I ordered the Port-Glazed Figs Flatbread with Gorgonzola Cremificato. It normally comes with prosciutto, but they were very accommodating and left it off!

Blog Pictures 017

z ordered the Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Spaetzle, Mustard Greens, and Haricot Verts. He cleaned his plate :)

Blog Pictures 018

Our server was really great, it wasn’t too loud and the food was excellent. I think we’ll go back to Birch and Barley again! I had an awesome theatre date!! Thanks z!

We got home around Midnight and tried to go to sleep but it was SOOO hot, so I decided to let z turn on the AC (usually I’m too cheap stubborn). This is when we realized MY AIR CONDITIONER IS BROKEN! NOOOOOOOOO! It was 90+ degrees in my apartment and we ended up sleeping in my living room with the fans on. Ugh…

After a less than stellar night’s sleep, we headed to Starbucks for breakfast.

Raspberry scone and a tall soy misto!

Blog Pictures 019

Blog Pictures 020

We walked back to my apartment, I grabbed my things, took z home, and then headed North for Mojo’s bridal shower…


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