Mojo’s Bridal Shower!

Mojo is getting married this month to a really great guy!  They are two great human beings and I’m really excited for them.

I hung out with some blurry familiar faces!

Blog Pictures 021

They had a ton of food…

Blog Pictures 030 

…so I ate a ton of food!

Blog Pictures 022

Blog Pictures 023

seal food.

Blog Pictures 024

Purse game! We paired up with partners and had to dig through our purses to find random things. The more things, the more points.

Blog Pictures 025

Beautiful bride-to-be!

Blog Pictures 026

Ooh, ribbons!

Blog Pictures 027      

Mojo and her mom made three different kinds of cupcakes! I tried a carrot cake one first. Spicy and moist with chunks of carrot! Perfect!

Blog Pictures 029

I also tried the lemon one which was a little more dense and super tart. It was my favorite and I got the recipe from Mojo! Yum!

Blog Pictures 031

She got a lot of really nice things and I think she enjoyed herself. She’s going to make a beautiful bride :) CONGRATULATIONS M&W!

After the shower I stopped by my parents and washed my car (inside and out). It had been forever…I also helped my little younger brother with his car too. I didn’t get home until close to 8:30 and my gym closed at 9, and I wanted to be at z’s by 10:15 (he has AC!!). What to do!? Go for a run! So I went on a really great 20-minute run around my neighborhood. Boy was it hot! I had to stop by the store to pick up some chickpeas and marinated my tofu for my farmer’s market brunch on Sunday afternoon.

I got to z’s before 10:30 and we watched a little tv before going to bed. I was a tired monkey… I got some great sleep because he had his AC on. I can’t wait for mine to be fixed!

I woke up kind of early, but z let me stay in bed while he made blueberry coffee cake and coffee! I came downstairs, drank some coffee and read my book while the cake finished. When he pulled it out to cool, we headed to the Columbia Pike Farmer’s Market so I could pick up some things for the brunch. The market smelled beautiful! They had everything I needed, so we were up and back pretty quickly. The cake was ready when we got home!

z’s presentation skills are getting so good!

Blog Pictures 032

He told me that he cut out half of the sugar from the coffee cake recipe and I didn’t even miss it. It was really good! The fresh peaches and blueberries on the side were a nice bonus!

Blog Pictures 033  

Blog Pictures 035

I even got a piece to take home! MMM :)

Blog Pictures 034

When I got home it was 95 degrees in my apartment. By the time I turned on the fan and grabbed my camera, it had gone down two degrees, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!  It’s like a code red in my own home! WOOF!

Blog Pictures 042

Time to get ready for the Farmer’s Market Brunch!!

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