Farmer’s Market Brunch!

This afternoon I headed to Columbia Heights for my first event with the DC Vegetarian Cooking Group (Facebook). It was a farmer’s market theme where people visited their local markets and created dishes using those ingredients. 

My contribution was a Greek Garbanzo Bean Salad with Tofu “Feta!” I saw the recipe on Delicious TV and knew I wanted to try it out!

Blog Pictures 056 

I went to the farmer’s market with z this morning and picked up some cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion and beautiful basil. I marinated the tofu last night before I went to z’s so the flavors of the marinade could soak in to the tofu.

Blog Pictures 048

I was greeted by this beautiful lady! Her name is Lea and I loved her. She was a great hostess ;)

Blog Pictures 045

Bread and fruit with a sweet yogurt dip (yogurt, vanilla, powdered sugar). MM!

Blog Pictures 046

Grill prep!

Blog Pictures 049

Super cool, vintage-looking plates!

Blog Pictures 050

Fresh produce excites me!

Blog Pictures 051

Spanish omelet with potatoes and peppers. I got it while it was still hot and it was fantastic.

Blog Pictures 053

Fresh salad with lettuce grown from her OWN YARD! How neat!

Blog Pictures 054

Plate numero uno: Greek salad, omelet, greens, vegan peach and strawberry muffins.

Blog Pictures 057

The food and people kept piling in and I kept making room in my belly.

Plate numero dos: bread with yogurt dip, spiced pears/apples, spicy black bean and spinach, an egg-like pancake, tofu chocolate pie and grilled pound cake topped with a peach sauce.

Blog Pictures 058

The host (Chris) had a great backyard. I didn’t know they had yards in DC ;)

Blog Pictures 052  

Someone popped sparkling wine and I knew it was going to be a fun time!

Blog Pictures 059

Then the clouds came, followed by thunder and ultimately…RAIN!

Blog Pictures 060     

No worries…we just moved inside and had a sweat fest more food!

I got to meet Ann, the wife of the Sticky Fingers Bakery owner. She was really cool and humored me while I was star struck for a second ;)

She brought vegan donuts so I had to try one. I had half a lemon filled glazed donut and it was heavenly!!

Blog Pictures 061

Fruity Sangria!

Blog Pictures 062

Blog Pictures 063

Steve and Saul

Blog Pictures 064

Me, Maggie and Andrea

Blog Pictures 065

Wow – All gone!!

Blog Pictures 066

Actually, there was a little left and someone tipped the pot so I have more! How nice! I also had another dessert! Chocolate cheesecake with strawberries!

Blog Pictures 067


Blog Pictures 069

Tip of the day:

Blog Pictures 068

This was a very well organized event. I met so many interesting people and tasted some amazing vegetarian food. I am so excited that decided to go to the brunch and I can’t wait to go to the next event!!


If you’re in the DC area, be sure to check out the DC Vegetarian Cooking Group. You will not be disappointed!


Thanks everyone!!


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