I put my juicer on the counter last night so I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting first thing in the morning ;) I woke up kind of late, but I really wanted to juice…so I did!

This was a beautifully tart combination: one small beet, one lemon and 1/4 cucumber!


After drinking chugging my juice, I made a bowl of coffee yogurt, wheat puffs and sliced banana!


I have loved the banana/coffee yogurt combo since my experiment at hpants’ house!


Have I told you how excited I am about this Dannon All Natural yogurt? No gelatin! Usually the non-Greek/cheaper yogurts have gelatin, HFCS, and other yucky things. But not this one! I literally jumped for joy in the dairy aisle :)

Since breakfast is usually between 7-7:15am I am hungry by 10:30-11. I’ve definitely brought back my mid-morning snack (MMS)! Today it was a few really old (a year old?) graham crackers!


I finally reunited with foca for lunch today. It’s funny that we work in the same building but can go days without seeing each other!

I packed a Boca burger to put on my new Double Protein bread with a piece of provolone and Stubbs with some baby carrots on the side!


I told foca to smile because she looks so nice, and this is what she gave me:


After sitting outside, we were warm and craving sweet drinks, so we both got tea!


Black Forest Berry for her and Sublime Mate for me!


There was a cute quote under my cap: “Frowning is impossible when you’re laughing.” – Zac Taylor

Blog Pictures 002

After work I headed home in terrible traffic. It was 7pm home I got home and I quickly ate some “dinner” chips with salsa and cottage cheese. I hopped on the metro around 7:30 to meet D for ice cream!

There was a Haagen Dazs in the mall but it was insanely crowded (kids everywhere), so we walked to Maggie Moo’s!

I got a kids creamy coconut ice cream with chocolate chunks! Yum!

Blog Pictures 005

We sat outside for almost an hour and a half just catching up! It was a lot of fun!


Tomorrow’s Friday!!! I have an eye appointment and a THEATRE DATE :)


Catch you later…


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