Dark Chocolate Dreams.

It’s 10pm. I’m tired. I need to finish unpacking and do the dishes. I also need to shower and read. All this means…short post!

Breakfast: Oats, chia, flax, chocolate PB, OJ, and a multivitamin.





Pre-lunch trail mix.


We went to Dogfish Head for lunch and I got an awesome Tropical Chopped salad with spinach, mandarin oranges, strawberries, mango salsa, almonds and feta with a tasty vinaigrette (I hardly needed it!). Good meal, good company :)


4pm snack. These bars were marked way down at Target (box of 6 for 3.29)!


I stopped by this international food store because a coworker told me about their cheap produce that I could use for juicing!!

Blog Pictures 084

I snacked on a red bean cake on the drive home! It was really good and reminded me of PB&J!

Blog Pictures 086

4g of protein and tons of sugar. Not a bad pre-workout snack… ;)

Blog Pictures 087 

Look at my stash! All for $15.70!

Blog Pictures 089

  • Bananas
  • Beets
  • Kale
  • Lemons
  • Apples
  • Mango
  • Tomatoes
  • Kabocha Squash(my first ever!)
  • Okra
  • Vegetarian Chicken


This looked way too interesting not to buy!

Blog Pictures 090

I went to the gym and broke out of my 20 minute run-rut. I ran 3 miles and felt great. I did 100 different sit ups, 3 sets of 5 regular pushups, some arm weights and stretching! Yay for getting back to the gym!

After my workout I went to the store to finish my grocery shopping. This is what $29 got me:

Blog Pictures 088

  • Scoops
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • Peach and Vanilla Chobani
  • Cucumber
  • No Salt Added Cottage Cheese
  • Baby Spinach
  • Rice Vinegar
  • 6 Dannon All Natural Yogurts (2 coffee, 2 vanilla, 2 plain) I got these because they were on sale and because THEY DON’T HAVE GELATIN! SO STOKED!
  • Some Pulp Tropicana OJ
  • Unbleached Flour
  • Medium Salsa

I <3 grocery shopping :)

I ate dinner as soon as I put everything away.

Baby spinach, cottage cheese, two egg puff and salsa!!

Blog Pictures 091

For dessert I had a rice cake with Dark Chocolate Dreams!

Blog Pictures 092

I started and ended my day with this chocolate PB and I’m ok with that!

It was a great day!


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