Welcome to North Carolina!

z was at my door at 5:55 Saturday morning. Since I was all packed, I grabbed my bags (yes plural), our coffee mugs, and we hit the road at exactly 6am! Off to a good start!

We really didn’t hit any traffic and had a really nice ride.


To the beach!


We got to the hotel around 10:30am – not bad! When we were heading towards the door to check in, I noticed this license plate:


Get it!? The Pittsburgh Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls! I know someone who gets it…

We stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites Outer Banks/Corolla!  It was right on the beach!

They allowed us an early check-in and gave us a goodie bag since we’re awesome (or we’re Hilton Honors members)!



As soon as we got to our room, we put our bathing suits on and headed to the beach of course!


There were a few clouds, but it was still beautiful out!



I love the dunes!



A beach self-portrait (this is for you, mom!!).


We didn’t bring phones or watches to the beach so we let our tummies determine when it was time for lunch. z went to the diner next to the hotel and brought me back this amazing Greek salad with greens, cucumbers, roasted peppers, olives, feta, tomatoes, and balsamic dressing!



z got a grouper sandwich with coleslaw and potato salad. I had a nibble of the sandwich and it was really good!


We headed back to the room after a day of napping, reading, swimming, walking, and eating! I think it was 6pm! What a long, hard day ;)

z went downstairs and picked up a little snack before we got cleaned up.


Cold and refreshing!


I loved that our room had a nice little private balcony! Score!


We got all cleaned up and saw this as we headed to the car:


We went to Bad Bean Taqueria for dinner!


The sign said they closed at 8pm and it was exactly 8 when we got there! I was so bummed, but decided to ask if they were still open…they were pretty laid back and said “sure, come on in!”


Chips and medium salsa.


Two veggie (rice and beans) tacos. One with mild pico de gallo and one with SUPER HOT salsa!


z got one shrimp taco for free because they didn’t have enough shrimp to make the burrito he initially ordered. Yay for free food!


Huge fish burrito! z thinks it was mahi mahi and I had to taste a little bite ;) SO good!


We were so stuffed! We headed to a grocery store to pick up some stuff for Sunday’s lunch, then we headed back to the room and went right to sleep!

It was seriously the perfect day :)


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