Ice Ice Baby Day!

I popped right out of bed at 6:45 this morning. No snooze? Who am I?!?

I sat down for a big banana breakfast. Seriously, the banana was huge! I had half of it on wheat puffs with soymilk, and the other half with a pool of almond butter!


foca and I met hpants for lunch at WF today. It was HOT outside and I loved it. There were no tables open inside, so we ate outside which was definitely the right choice. It felt so amazing <3

I had a spinach salad and yogurt (my new crush) for lunch.


Spinach, Irish cheddar, dried apricots, walnuts and balsamic. Delightful :)


Close-up of the goods ;)


We said goodbye to hpants and turned on the 90’s station. Today’s highlights: Ace of Base and Vanilla Ice :)


I ate my trail mix at 3:15! I love any trail mix that has chocolate ;) Here’s something you should know about me – I never eat more than one piece of chocolate in a bite. I like to make sure I have enough to have some in every bite. I’m sure I’m not the only one that does that!


I left work around 5:20pm and traffic was no fun. It was so hot but I was stuck in traffic so I didn’t turn my AC on. I was a sweaty mess by the time I got home (6:30pm). z was coming over at 6:45, so I had just enough time to change into shorts and freshen up. The boy was right on time and we headed down to Asian Spice in Chinatown. This is definitely a favorite spot of ours because it’s so close, there is never a long wait, they have outdoor seating, and their food is always good!

Hot times call for cold drinks! I got a basil mojito and z got a margarita! So refreshing – I think I liked the basil better than the mint that is typically in a mojito :)



For an appetizer z ordered the Crispy Springrolls (Southeast Asian style crispy springroll made with pork and shrimp served with sweet chili and sour sauce). There were three rolls split in half and z ate all of them! He was hungry ;)


I ordered the Asian Spice’s Original Salad (An array of fresh spring mixed, heart of romaine and seasoned Japanese seaweed with pomegranate vinaigrette). I ordered this salad last time because the seaweed salad is amazing. This time I decided to ask if they could add tofu. The server said, “Of course, would you like it steamed or fried?” I don’t know why but this made me so happy! Usually at these kinds of restaurants, the tofu is always fried! I got it steamed because I love tofu and there is no added fat :)


I didn’t use the dressing because it was too sweet and I didn’t need it! I love this salad so much. With the added tofu I was seriously in heaven. You better believe I didn’t leave one piece of tofu behind ;)


z ordered the Thai Basil Chicken (Sliced chicken breast sautéed with chili, garlic, bell pepper and sweet basil leaves). I snuck a bite of a chili pepper and basil leaf! YUM! He said it was pretty spicy!!


After dinner we went for a little walk because it was so nice out! We conveniently found ourselves in front of Haagen Dazs!! z got a chocolate milkshake and I got a small chocolate peanut butter cone!



We took our ice cream and continued on our way. We stopped at a street corner to enjoy this beautiful sunset!


I love being a tourist in my own backyard. How beautiful is this picture?!


What an awesome night!


Guess what!?!?!

We’re going to the Outer Banks for Memorial Day Weekend!!

z totally surprised me with the idea and I’m really excited! 


Happy Vanilla ICE ICE BABY Day!


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