Daveigh Turns Two!

I finished my last box of Vanilla Almond Shredded Wheat this morning.


Two boxes gone in 10 days. Wow…I really do have a problem! :shock:


Since my bowl of cereal was small, I had a humongous banana at 10:50!


My mom came and picked me up at work so we could grab lunch and run an errand. We chose Corner Bakery because we both like their salads!


Hey pretty mama!


We sat outside and drank our cold agua while we waited for our food.


Mom got the Chopped Salad (All-natural roasted chicken, bacon, avocado, bleu cheese, tomatoes, and green onions tossed with iceberg and romaine lettuce in sweet and spicy house vinaigrette).


I love the Trio Salad because you get to try all the different options! Today I chose the mixed greens salad, pasta caprese salad, and the Greek veggie salad! YUM!


A lovely lunch with my lovely mother!

After lunch we headed to Target for a quick birthday present for my cousin’s daughter :) We’re going to her 2nd birthday party tonight!

3:15pm snack.



This is what happens when a bad knife meets a good apple…

Blog Pictures 001

I stopped by my parents so my mom and I could drive together and so I could pick up some beach stuff and check on Fievel! Apparently she has the “run of the house!”

Blog Pictures 003

Then it was off to the birthday party! Let’s just say my Filipino cousins know how to throw a HUGE party!

Blog Pictures 004

There was such an assortment of food, and it was ALL homemade :)

Blog Pictures 005

Little rice flour muffins with cheese.

Blog Pictures 007

Out came the birthday girl all dressed up with a tiara!

Blog Pictures 008Blog Pictures 009

Then out came the salmon!

Blog Pictures 010

It took three of us to get that baby out of the oven and on to a plate :)

Blog Pictures 011

Garnish! Right, Dex?!?

Blog Pictures 012

She shared her balloons!

Blog Pictures 014

Blog Pictures 015

My mom and the “baby” ;)

Blog Pictures 019  

Isn’t she gorgeous!?! <3

Blog Pictures 020

Blog Pictures 021

Her beautiful mommy (my cousin)! 

Blog Pictures 022 

Blog Pictures 023

So much interesting food! Most interesting…Bitter Melon. It was a warty looking stewed vegetable with a definite bitter taste. I liked it and apparently is has a lot of iron! Score!

Blog Pictures 028

Blog Pictures 029

Sweet noodle salad, veggies, hard boiled egg, cassava cake!

Blog Pictures 030

Birthday cake!

Blog Pictures 031

She loves Barney. In fact, a Barney DVD played on loop for almost the entire time we were there haha!

Blog Pictures 033    

I’m stuffed but I had a great time with my family!


Happy 2nd Birthday precious angel :)


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