Fondue…for Breakfast?

Well, not really ;) But it looked like it…


I didn’t sleep the best last night. I really didn’t think I would wake up with jaw pain from yesterday’s dentist festivities, but I did at least TWICE! Each time was really painful, but once I moved my jaw away from the pillow I fell back to sleep.

It was hard to get out of bed, but I was really glad I decided to work from home today. I’m still having a hard time opening my jaw, so I wanted ibuprofen a soft breakfast.

Peanut Butter and Banana “Fondue”

Blog Pictures 019

I put the PB in the microwave so it would be smoother and easier to dip.

Blog Pictures 020

Delicious, easy to eat and very filling!

Blog Pictures 021  

A little later I had some trail mix and apricots which stole my lunch appetite…oops!

Blog Pictures 022

I ate lunch a little after 1 which is over an hour later than I usually eat.

I heated up some broccoli soup.

Blog Pictures 023

Fresh dill from my “garden.”

Blog Pictures 024

I stirred it in before microwaving!

Blog Pictures 025

Blog Pictures 026

White beans, stewed tomatoes and Mrs. Dash!

Blog Pictures 027

All together with lots of ice water!

Blog Pictures 028

Melted cheeeese :)

Blog Pictures 029

My 4pm snack was an organic yogurt.

Blog Pictures 030

I headed to the gym a little before 6 so I could get in a 10 minute run/warm up before my 6:15 “Urban Funk” dance  class. There wasn’t a ton of choreography, just moving to the music. It was actually really intense (tons of leg work and cardio)! My shirt was completely soaked by the end of the class. Success!

I stopped by the store to pick up eggs and a few other little things. I really wanted a poached egg…Not sure if I’ve ever had one actually. I know for sure I’ve never made one on my own.

I think I did ok for my first time!

Spinach salad, stewed tomatoes, balsamic, EVOO, cheddar and my poached egg with a piece of Health Nut on the side ;)

Blog Pictures 031

Beautifully delicious!

Blog Pictures 032

The perfect bite!!

Blog Pictures 033

I followed my salad with some Shredded Wheat (yes, I have a problem).

Blog Pictures 035

Then came this little guy…

Blog Pictures 036

That’s a good amount of eating for one day ;)



Lunch is made. Bags are packed. Clothes are picked out. Time for shower and bed!     


One thought on “Fondue…for Breakfast?

  1. Peanut butter fondue, neat idea! I think my kids are going to love this. Bananas and peanut butter, why didn’t I thought of that? lol! No mess in preparation! (Well, I’m not sure if my 7-year old twins can actually eat without mess) But, I’d definitely try this one.
    I love the broccoli soup, too! I wish I could make my boys try it one time.

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