The Day of the Dentist.

I forgot to post this yesterday…

Today is Bob Dylan’s birthday.

Today is also the day I get my teeth cleaned at the dentist.


I woke up late at my parents house and grabbed a blueberry bagel and a swig of juice before flossing and brushing my teeth.


As soon as I walked in the door 8:05am, they were coming out to look for me. Perfect timing! Everything was going well until the xrays came back. They said my teeth were healthy but I had a small hole under one of my cavities ( I have 4; ew!). It was my number 18 molar and they wanted it to be taken care of…

After my teeth were cleaned I made another appointment for 3:40 the same day. Ugh…

I ate a banana with my morning coffee a little after I got to work!


I brought my lunch to WF with foca so she could get some lunch.

Leftover pizza on top of wilted spinach.


This is my snack apple. It has a gross bruise. I don’t like bruises on my apples…


…so I took it out!


I ate some trail mix a little before I had to leave for the dentist (again) in case I wasn’t able to eat afterwards.


They showed me the $561 bill right before they stuck the needle in my gum! There may have been a tear or two…Ugh, I was in there for over an hour.

My mouth was sooo numb and I was really shaky from the Novocain, so I went to my parents house, fed the cat and laid on the couch. Then I got hungry…my jaw was starting to hurt but half my face was still numb. Oh what to do…

Dinner attempts:

I thought these would be a good idea, but they were pretty hard to eat. It took me a long time, but I ate about half the can.

Blog Pictures 016

I microwaved 1 egg and 2 whites with hot sauce and ate them with ketchup. Also very difficult, but I managed…

Blog Pictures 017

My parents had chocolate ice cream! This was the easiest part of my dinner! ;)

Blog Pictures 015

I didn’t end up leaving their house until 9 which is when the feeling in my face started coming back.

My jaw is really sore…hope I can sleep!

What a weird Monday…


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