Let’s Go Nats!

While z was out getting the Sunday paper, I decided that I wanted a liquid breakfast, so I pulled out my blender and made a smoothie!

Half a frozen banana, fresh strawberries, frozen peaches…


…almond milk, yogurt, spinach, and peanut butter!


Breakfast is ready!


Occasionally z likes to have donuts for breakfast… ;)


Coffee and smooooothie.


Topped with trail mix!


After finishing breakfast, we finished reading the paper, and I cleaned up while z played guitar.

We headed to Nationals Stadium around 12:40 to meet my parents for a 1:35 game. We picked up the tickets and Will Call then waited for my parents.

While we waited, I tried a sample of iced green tea with honey.


We spotted my parents, exchanged some huggies and walked in to the stadium. We had really cool seats; second row right in the middle of center field!


After a few innings, we were ready for lunch. At the first food stop: mom got a pretzel and water; dad got chicken tenders, fries and a diet coke; z got a hot dog and a soda.

There was a lot of walking in between because I didn’t see any veggie options. Finally we came upon a veggie burger on the menu and I waited through the long line. As soon as I got to the counter I was told…there were NO VEGGIE BURGERS! LAMEEEE! I picked up french fries, refilled the diet coke and waited in the cashier line for another 10 minutes while they fixed the register. I was annoyed (to say the least). z picked up an ear of grilled corn and a bbq sandwich and my dad got a huge grilled sausage with peppers. Geez guys…

We finally made our way back the seats to watch the game. A little bit later (I hadn’t touched a fry yet) my mom came back with some veggie chili! Lifesaver…



Chili cheese fries anyone? Yes please!


I felt much better after eating and we enjoyed a really good game.



We were up 3-1 against the Orioles, but they came back and tied it up to go extra innings. My dad says it’s because this one outfielder didn’t dive for a fly ball. We were yelling “DIVE” the whole game as a joke, but my dad associates diving with passion. You must dive and give it your all!


Looking through the program, I found this trading card of a Nats player diving for the ball. My dad got excited and said “that’s what you’re supposed to do!” z took the card and put it in my dad’s hat to rally for a Nats win! I put one in z’s hat that I was wearing too.


No more than 2 minutes after this picture was taken, the guy on the card (Josh Willingham) hit a homerun (right near our section) to win the game!! HOW CRAZY!?!!?

GO NATIONALS! Get your red on!

We didn’t leave the stadium until 5:30 (extra innings will do that to you)! We all took the metro to Chinatown where we said goodbye to my parents and they switched trains. We just walked back to my place from there.

For some reason we were exhausted and ended up taking a nap! z didn’t go home until 7 :)

At 8pm I decided to head to my parents house because of my 8am dentist appointment Monday morning. I’m glad I did because I got to see my parents, little younger brother, Fievel and Zeus!

What a busy but super fun weekend!!


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